Parlez-vous français? Here are the Best Podcasts, Instagram Accounts, and More for Learning French!
Here are some resources for learning French, categorized by level:


Coffee Break French: A popular podcast that introduces basic French vocabulary and grammar in a conversational style.
Duolingo: A free language learning app that offers interactive lessons and quizzes for beginners.
Learn French with Alexa: A YouTube channel that offers beginner-friendly lessons in a fun and engaging way.


News in Slow French: A podcast that presents news stories in simplified French, with explanations of grammar and vocabulary.
Français Authentique: A YouTube channel that offers intermediate-level lessons on French culture, grammar, and vocabulary.
French Together: A website that offers articles, podcasts, and quizzes for intermediate learners of French.

Prononciation avec christophe: An instagram account for learning French vocabulary and prononciation.


InnerFrench: A podcast that covers a wide range of topics in advanced French, with a focus on improving listening comprehension.
Français avec Pierre: A YouTube channel that offers advanced lessons on grammar, idiomatic expressions, and pronunciation.
Le Monde: A French newspaper that offers in-depth coverage of news and current events, with a focus on French politics and culture.

French Words: An Instagram account that posts daily French vocabulary words, along with their translations and usage examples.
French Today: An Instagram account that offers daily French language and culture tips for learners of all levels.
Frenchly: An Instagram account that covers French culture, fashion, and lifestyle.

These are just a few examples of resources for learning French, and there are many more out there! 

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