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postdoctoral opportunities

In this post we present you new available scientific positions around the world. 

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Postdoctoral researcher Plant Microbiota Interactions, The University of Basel, Switzerland (published: 27/09/2022)

Nottingham Research Fellowships In The UK for International Students (published: 27/09/2022)

10 Postdoctoral Fellowships at Texas A&M University (published: 07/09/2022)

33 Postdoctoral Fellowships at Michigan State University (published: 06/09/2022)

06 Postdoctoral Fellowship at Stockholm University, Sweden (published: 06/09/2022)

Useful tools for PhD students / Doctorants : des outils pour vous aider dans votre recherche

Ouverture, méthode, déontologie, reproductibilité, technique de rédaction et analyse de données : focus sur six sujets fondamentaux pour la recherche scientifique.

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