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How to find a Residence ?

Finding a house and accommodation for foreign students, especially Iranians, is one of the biggest problems. We suggest that you finalize your housing status before entering to France. Many students just need a temporary (and unfortunately sometimes fake) certificate or attestation to get a visa, which after, a very small number of them may be lucky and find a place to rent soon, but often they have to spend weeks in hotels. It will cost them a fortune, and they will have some administrative problems due to not having a fixed address.

We suggest that you start your search as soon as possible. And be sure to book a place, even temporarily, to have a place to stay and put your belongings upon arrival. Then you have the opportunity to seek a suitable housing for your permanent residence more comfortable.

To find suitable accommodation:
First, contact your university. Some large institutions and universities offer accommodation or places for housing of their students. So, to register for an accommodation, you must contact the CROUS Accommodation Center of the university where you are enrolled. Check also the “Housing” or “International” section of the CROUS website for information on room allocation at your university residence.

You can also get information through the following sites (priority is given to scholarship students):

To take advantage of this, you must complete your “International Residence” file between January 15 and May 31 before the start of your school year.

Cross dormitories are the most popular accommodation for students due to many advantages, such as no charge, no separate water and electricity, and no separate internet, etc. As well as benefits such as low rent (about 400 euros in Paris and an average of 200 euros in other cities) and the possibility of benefiting from the CAF housing allowance.

And if you can not register for the CROUS, consider a private and/or a semi-private accommodation. Private student dormitories are a good choice, with prices slightly higher than CROUS, but have relatively more advantages, including group living, furnished rooms, internet, laundry, gym and …

You may use these sites also to find you desired house:

and this last one can be a temporary solution:

The colocation is also one of the solutions, in which you will be living with a student or other students, which will have a relatively lower rental cost, and if your roommates are from other countries, you will get acquainted with other languages ​​and cultures.

This method also has advantages and disadvantages that I will explain to you in the future.
Some of the best sites for collection:

The next solution is to stay with a French family:
Some international students choose to live with a French family to learn about French culture and language. You will have a room in this system, with all the necessary facilities for a normal life. You will have one or more French speakers and many other benefits. And of course, you have to respect the internal laws of that family such as arrival and departure times, and so on.
There are many sites in this field, one of which we introduce is CoHomly

To book a house, it is better to have the following documents:
These documents can vary depending on the type of residence and the requirements of the owner, but in general, a copy of the following documents is required in most cases:

Identification documents:
Residence card, if you came to France with a visa,
Student card or certificate for the current year,
A letter from your guarantor and his identification documents.

Find a guarantor
In France, people who want to rent an apartment, whether foreign or French, almost always have to have a guarantor. Your guarantor must be French.

If you do not have a guarantor, other solutions are available to you, for example, VISALE, which is a free deposit for renting an apartment or a room in a student dormitory for students of 18 to 30 years old (there are some exception for +30 if you work, see the site for more details). We recommend that you start this process as soon as possible, even before you arrive in France, as you do not need to have an address in France to obtain a VISALE certificate.

If you do not have VISALE conditions or the owner of your accommodation does not know it, you can also use the services of the GarantMe site.

Good luck 🙂

Attestation d’Hébergement

Le modèle d’attestation d’hébergement :

مدل رسمی اتستاسیون مسکن:


Je soussignée PRENOM NOM, née le 1 janvier 1990 à Paris déclare sur l’honneur héberger à mon domicile M. Mme. Prenom NOM née le 1 janvier 1999 à Shiraz depuis le 1 juin 2022 à l’adresse suivante :
6 rue Alf. Hich. Appt B22 75000 Paris

                                                                            Paris, le 17 mai 2022
                                                                            [ Vous signerez ici ]
                                                                               PRENOM NOM

مراحل ثبت نام CAF

برای ثبت نام در سایت کف، CAF (caisse allocation familiale)، باید مراحل زیر رو طی کنید:

  1. وارد سایت کف میشوید،
  2. مطابق تصاویر زیر عمل کنید:

در اینجا بر اساس کد پستی که انتخاب کردید، شهر محل سکونتتان را انتخاب میکنید

در صورتی که امسال وارد فرانسه شده اید، آیتم “من کارت شناسایی فرانسوی ندارم” را انتخاب کنید

شماره موبایل خود، یا ایمیلتان را وارد کنید تا کد برایتان ارسال شود

کد دریافت شده را وارد کنید و دگمه تایید را بزنید

یک پسوورد برای خودتان انتخاب کنید

در این صفحه اطلاعات نهایی بهمراه شماره موقت کف دیده میشود

در ایم مرحله میتوانید روی دگمه se connecter کلیک کنید و با شماره موقت و رمز عبور وارد اکانت خود شوید.

دقت کنید که باید آیتم علامت زده شده را انتخاب کنید

و در نهایت وارد صفحه زیر میشوید که میتوانید مدارک خودتون رو باین طریق آپلود کنید، یا در بعضی شهرها و دپارتمانها باید مدارک خودتون رو بصورت حضوری تحویل اداره کف محل سکونت بدید.

مدارک مورد نیاز:

  1. Attestation de loyer (از صاحب خونه یا مسئول خوابگاه درخواست کنید)
  2. Copie d’acte de naissance + l’origine
  3. Copies des pages d’identité de votre passeport + la page de visa + tampon d’entrée

موفق باشید



Learn French in Dijon, residence information, …)

Learning French:
In Dijon you can register at University of Bourgogne for Learning French at:
Centre International d’Etudes Françaises (CIEF).

Residence :
If you are searching for a residence in Dijon, here are some suggestions:

1. International Students Residence

single room: 406 €
One-bedroom : 450 €
2 bedroom : 613

2. Résidence Mansart

Chambre avec confort individuel : 254 €
Studette : 331 €

3. Résidence Montmuzard

Chambre traditionnelle : 161 €
Chambre avec confort individuel : 254 €
Studette : 331 €

4. Résidence universitaire Maret

Chambre traditionnelle : 254 €

5. Résidence BurgundInn

BurgundInn Université: Studio à partir de 460€ TTC /mois, T1 à partir de 480€ TTC /mois et T2 à partir de 750€ TTC /mois.
BurgurdInn République: Studio à partir de 470€ TTC /mois, T1 à partir de 530€ TTC /mois.

(frais administratifs, 250€ TTC pour un studio, 300€ TTC pour un T1 et 400€ TTC pour un T2. / Le dépôt de garantie correspond à un mois de loyer.)

6. Résidence Odalys

Residence campus Dijon Trinite, 2 Rue Andre Colomban 21000
Studio from 16m2 to 27 m2 from 513 to 667 euros.
contact: , tel.

7. Les Académies des Ducs – Dijon

Studio et T1: de 16m  à 28m, de 500 à 620 euros (Le loyer comprend les charges, l’eau, l’électricité, le chauffage, internet et le mobilier).

8. and don’t forget Leboncoin !

You may also find more information résidences in link below: 



If you look for a source of income, you may consider the website AirBnB! I recommend you to read its policies and guides, and if you can respect all its regulations, start it!

You just need to create an account, introduce what kind of room? apartment? a bed? or even just a small place to sleep! it is you who can decide to share what part of your apartment or room. You will create your rules, and price for each night (it’s better to be near to its automatic suggestion).

Some useful hints:
1. You can rent your room, bed, … when you want! i mean, one time a week, 2 times, or more… and check in from (for example) after 2 in the afternoon, or night from 8 or 10, and can fix the check out for example upto 8, 9, 10 or even noon! its up to you.
2. you can choose your clients before accepting as your guest.

Please attention: You have to respect all requirements and policies of being a good host! If a client or guest gives you a negative comment, Airbnb may close your account.

Good luck 🙂