Knowing the local public transport system in a new country can be challenging, particularly if you don’t speak the local language.
If you live in France, it doesn’t matter whether you’re commuting, in Bordeaux or touring around Paris, it’s a good idea to know what to expect from French public transport (transport en commun).

You may see lots of options (formule ou forfait) for buying a ticket, based on your situation (your age, student or not, working or not, …), so it’s better to check them before going out!

Public transport in the cities

Fortunately, there are good public transport systems in France. You can travel in the cities by subway (métro), bus and/or Tram very fast and with a reasonable price. In each city, you may find different transport network system which I introduce some of them (you may find easily the rest on the internet).
* If you are student under 26 years old, or on the period of searching for a job, you may find attractive prices for your transport in these networks:

Bordeaux :

Dijon :

Marseille :

Nantes :

Paris :

Rennes :

Strasbourg :

Toulouse :


Travel between the cities
I can introduce you the train network of France, the SNCF trains, which has some categories (speed, time, class, price, …) you can find them on their website. Please attention that, if you buy ticket(s) sooner, you will pay cheaper.

Train travel in France :

You can also find different services of buses with fairly good quality services, like FlixBus that provides cheap services. 

BlaBlaCar is also a reasonable, good and fast way for voyaging between the cities in France and Europe.

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