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Renouvellement de votre titre de séjour | تمدید ویزای دانشجویی یا تمدید کارت اقامت

For renewing your Visa (titre de séjour) you should use online systeme (for almost most of departments):

It is important to know, you need to request to renew your visa or titre de séjour 2 months befor expiring your current visa or titre de séjour (or its better one week before “2 months” in order to avoid any unwanted delays.

  1. If you don’t have an account, you need to create one,
  2. then continue and choose the section that corresponds to your situation,
  3. upload all desired documents, and finalize your request.
  4. You will have an email that your request is saved.
  5. It is important to have this email as proof that you have done your request 2 months before expiring your visa of titre de séjour.
  6. After some weeks you will have another email saying that your request was ok and your titre de séjour is under processing,
  7. or they will ask you to complete some documents that were not enough or correct for the prefecture.

برای تمدید کارت اقامت (ویزای دانشجویی، ویزای سیانتیفیک، تحقیق، یا تلنت)، از طریق لینک بالا باید اقدام بفرمایید، لطفا توجه بفرمایید که حتما 2 ماه قبل از پایان کارت اقدام کرده باشید.

مدارک لازم برای تمدید بر حسب نوع ویزا میتواند متفاوت باشد، اما بطور کلی مدارک زیر برای دانشجویان مورد نیاز است:
1. عکس جدید (ePhoto).
2. کپی پاسپورت، ویزا و اوفی.
3. اتستاسیون مسکن.
4. مدرک پایان دوره سال گذشته (یا یک گواهی که نشان دهد شما سال گذشته در دوره مربوطه شرکت کردید)
5. مدارک مربوط به تمکن: الف. اگر در حساب بانکی تان پول دارید، گواهی اش (حدود 640 یورو برای هر ماه، که باید برای حدود 3 ماه در حسابتان داشته باشید). ب. یا اگر کار میکنید کپی فیش حقوقی سه ماه آخر و کپی قرارداد کار.
6. کپی برگه مالیاتی.

برای دارندگان کارت اقامت تلنت، مدارک زیر مورد نیاز است:
کپی پاسپورت و کارت سجوق قبلی، کپی قرارداد کار، کپی کنوانسیون دکوی و عکس جدید.

*اگر بهر دلیلی مدرک خاصی همراهتون نبود یا کمی دیرتر بدستتان میرسد، میتوانید تعهدنامه (Attestation sur l’honneur) بنویسید. برای این منظور میتوانید از مدل زیر استفاده کنید:

L’attestation d’honneur permet de prouver sa bonne foi et de justifier une situation (changement d’adresse, Pacs, …). Vous trouverez ci-dessous un exemple de déclaration d’honneur:

Prénom Nom
Adresse, Code Postal Ville
Numéro de téléphone,
Adresse e-mail

A l’attention de
Adresse, Code Postal Ville
Lieu, Date

Objet : Attestation sur l’honneur

Madame, Monsieur,
Je soussigné(e) Madame/Mademoiselle/Monsieur (prénom nom), demeurant au (adresse), atteste sur l’honneur que (exposer avec exactitude les faits faisant l’objet de la déclaration).
J’ai pris connaissance des sanctions pénales encourues par l’auteur d’une fausse attestation.
Fait pour servir et valoir ce que de droit.
(lieu), le (date)

Validation of your Visa

What is visa validation?

What Does Visa Validity Mean? The term “visa validity” refers to the state of a visa being considered “valid”. This means that the visa can be used.
When a visa is granted, it is valid until a certain date. During this period of validity, it can be used to enter the country that issued it.

Upon your arrival in France, you must validate your long-stay visa valid as a residence permit (VLS-TS, visa long séjour valant titre de séjour). You have three months to take the necessary steps.
* Since 18 February 2019, ir can be done online!

در طول سه ماه اول ورود به فرانسه بايد ویزای خود را “معتبر” یا “ولید” کنید.
هزينه آن برای دانشجویان: € 50 است، که مراحل آن بصورت آنلاین انجام میشود.
* خرید تمبر یا timbre fiscal را میتوانید بصورت آنلاین از طریق سایت بالا انجام دهید.


How to find a Residence ?

Finding a house and accommodation for foreign students, especially Iranians, is one of the biggest problems. We suggest that you finalize your housing status before entering to France. Many students just need a temporary (and unfortunately sometimes fake) certificate or attestation to get a visa, which after, a very small number of them may be lucky and find a place to rent soon, but often they have to spend weeks in hotels. It will cost them a fortune, and they will have some administrative problems due to not having a fixed address.

We suggest that you start your search as soon as possible. And be sure to book a place, even temporarily, to have a place to stay and put your belongings upon arrival. Then you have the opportunity to seek a suitable housing for your permanent residence more comfortable.

To find suitable accommodation:
First, contact your university. Some large institutions and universities offer accommodation or places for housing of their students. So, to register for an accommodation, you must contact the CROUS Accommodation Center of the university where you are enrolled. Check also the “Housing” or “International” section of the CROUS website for information on room allocation at your university residence.

You can also get information through the following sites (priority is given to scholarship students):

To take advantage of this, you must complete your “International Residence” file between January 15 and May 31 before the start of your school year.

Cross dormitories are the most popular accommodation for students due to many advantages, such as no charge, no separate water and electricity, and no separate internet, etc. As well as benefits such as low rent (about 400 euros in Paris and an average of 200 euros in other cities) and the possibility of benefiting from the CAF housing allowance.

And if you can not register for the CROUS, consider a private and/or a semi-private accommodation. Private student dormitories are a good choice, with prices slightly higher than CROUS, but have relatively more advantages, including group living, furnished rooms, internet, laundry, gym and …

You may use these sites also to find you desired house:

and this last one can be a temporary solution:

The colocation is also one of the solutions, in which you will be living with a student or other students, which will have a relatively lower rental cost, and if your roommates are from other countries, you will get acquainted with other languages ​​and cultures.

This method also has advantages and disadvantages that I will explain to you in the future.
Some of the best sites for collection:

The next solution is to stay with a French family:
Some international students choose to live with a French family to learn about French culture and language. You will have a room in this system, with all the necessary facilities for a normal life. You will have one or more French speakers and many other benefits. And of course, you have to respect the internal laws of that family such as arrival and departure times, and so on.
There are many sites in this field, one of which we introduce is CoHomly

To book a house, it is better to have the following documents:
These documents can vary depending on the type of residence and the requirements of the owner, but in general, a copy of the following documents is required in most cases:

Identification documents:
Residence card, if you came to France with a visa,
Student card or certificate for the current year,
A letter from your guarantor and his identification documents.

Find a guarantor
In France, people who want to rent an apartment, whether foreign or French, almost always have to have a guarantor. Your guarantor must be French.

If you do not have a guarantor, other solutions are available to you, for example, VISALE, which is a free deposit for renting an apartment or a room in a student dormitory for students of 18 to 30 years old (there are some exception for +30 if you work, see the site for more details). We recommend that you start this process as soon as possible, even before you arrive in France, as you do not need to have an address in France to obtain a VISALE certificate.

If you do not have VISALE conditions or the owner of your accommodation does not know it, you can also use the services of the GarantMe site.

Good luck 🙂

Learn French : Toulouse

French courses at Toulouse:

1. Institut Catholique de Toulouse

  –  Tarif de la formation :

Cours intensifs (72h/mois – 18h/semaine)
4 semaines : 640€
3 semaines : 510€
2 semaines : 340€.

Cours intensif d’été (80h/mois ) : 755€.
Cours de phonétique : 80 € /mois

Cours intensifs pendant 4 à 6 mois : 615 €/mois et 725 €/mois en été.
Cours intensifs pendant 7 mois et plus : 590 €/mois et 695 €/mois en été.

2. Langue Onze Toulouse (LOT)

3. Alliance française de Toulouse Midi-Pyrénées (AF Toulouse)

4. Université Toulouse1-Capitole

5. Université Toulouse2-Jean-Jaures

   –  For international students: The courses are given over 26 weeks for the academic year (400 hours per year).
Application form must be completed online between January and Mars, only by Internet.
the registration fee for the DEFLE is 370 €. The CVEC must also be paid (the current rate is about 92 €)