If you look for a source of income, you may consider the website AirBnB! I recommend you to read its policies and guides, and if you can respect all its regulations, start it!

You just need to create an account, introduce what kind of room? apartment? a bed? or even just a small place to sleep! it is you who can decide to share what part of your apartment or room. You will create your rules, and price for each night (it’s better to be near to its automatic suggestion).

Some useful hints:
1. You can rent your room, bed, … when you want! i mean, one time a week, 2 times, or more… and check in from (for example) after 2 in the afternoon, or night from 8 or 10, and can fix the check out for example upto 8, 9, 10 or even noon! its up to you.
2. you can choose your clients before accepting as your guest.

Please attention: You have to respect all requirements and policies of being a good host! If a client or guest gives you a negative comment, Airbnb may close your account.

Good luck 🙂

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